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Canawrap Cleaning Tips

Canawrap Cleaning Tips

Canawrap has customers covered—literally—when it comes to vehicle wrap coverings. Using high-quality vinyl wraps makes it possible for customers to advertise their business and keep their vehicle in pristine shape at the same time.

That is why, during installation, Canawrap, makes sure that a vehicle’s surface is properly prepared before the vinyl is applied. For example, if you have a wax on your car, the vinyl will stick to the wax, not the car. Therefore, make sure the surface is degreased first, using rubbing alcohol (one-half water and one-half isopropyl alcohol) or a mild liquid dishwashing soap.

Canawrap Recommendations for Removing Pollutants and Grime

Most people believe that the UV rays of the sun do the most damage to vinyl wraps. However, vinyl wraps protect the surfaces of cars, thereby keeping a car’s paint from fading. Instead, the main culprits you need to battle are pollutants and grime. In order to deter dirt and contaminants, you need to clean the vinyl on a routine basis. Use a detail spray, made especially for cleaning dust, bird droppings for fingerprints that will not harm the surface.

Do not use products that are not designed for cleaning vinyl wraps. Also, always use a clean microfiber towel. Dirt particles on towels will stick to on wrapped surfaces. You can use an automotive sponge when handwashing your vehicle as well.

Keep Your Car Spotless with a Spot Cleaning

While you can regularly hand-wash your vehicle using a hose and mild soap, pressure washers can damage your graphics. Instead, it is better to take the car to a hand-wash carwash once per week and keep it spot cleaned using a detail spray.

If you do use a pressure wash your vehicle wrap, make sure the pressure is below 2,000 psi. Experts suggest using a nozzle that features a 40-degree wide-angle spray, and to keep the temperature of the water below 60 degrees Celsius. The spray should be held at least 30 centimeters away from the car.

After washing the car, rinse it with clear water. While you may take your car through an automated brushless car wash, hand washing is a safer choice. Hand washing, once per week, is also more thorough. Brush car washes are simply too rough on vinyl wraps, and lead to peeling or lifting at the edges.



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